Marketing Services

Do you have no or low book sales? Then let's get the word out and attract fans to your writing. We'll create your email list and utilize social media to keep you engaged with your readers!

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Creative Services

We'll chose color schemes and graphics profitable to your genre, then we'll design an author logo and branding system using them. Readers will more readily recognize and discover your books.

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Administrative Services

Spending too much time researching? Too many appointments to keep straight? Don't know how to create a Story Bible? I can do all that and more for you... get back to writing already!

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You should be WRITING!

How many hours per week do you spend on administrative duties, creative designs, marketing and promotions?

I'll be your multitasking magician and free up countless hours so you can do what you do best and write more!

You have a passion for writing, I have organizational superpowers... together we will accomplish what neither of us could do alone in the same amount of time.


Your wish is my command...

Do the things you truly love to do and leave the rest to me... check out my packages!