Jase and I met through one of our writing groups a year ago and have been enjoying a collaborative writing relationship. From a creative perspective, he is a master world builder and idea generator.

He has also helped me so much with the technical aspects of web design, set up and management and has boosted my social media platforms in ways I never knew existed. Sales of my book and social media engagement are increasing as a result of his ideas, support and actual hands-on management. Specifically, he got me on board with Twitter and re-organized my Pinterest page and my following has soared!

I’ve learned about different writing programs that engage communities in creative endeavors. His own pages are extraordinary and I’ve learned much just from what he’s created for himself. From a more personal perspective, he is a joy to work with. His optimism is infectious and often pushes me gently in a direction I need to go, but might not want to go.

Curiosity and humor are two traits that have enhanced our work together, helping us find creative ways to solve a problem, come up with fresh ideas and move our writing and promotions forward. Any creative and collaborative minded team would be made infinitely more successful by his participation.