Hourly versus Packages

I charge $40 an hour for services. Package rates range from $20 to $30 an hour.


“Virtual Assistant” for 80 Hours Monthly $1600

Let me do the heavy lifting and you just worry about writing.

$1600 savings versus Hourly! Virtual Assistant Form


“Helping Hand” for 40 Hours Monthly $800

Marketing, Creating, Administrating… I’ve got you covered!

$800 savings versus Hourly! Helping Hand Form


“Part Timer” for 30 Hours Monthly $750

You’re not a total control freak… let me do that!

$450 savings versus Hourly! Part Timer Form


“Little Assist” for 20 Hours Monthly $600

Love creating all the content, but no time for all the sharing?

$200 savings versus Hourly! Little Assist Form


“Try Me” for 10 Hours Monthly $300

True we don’t know each other, but let’s see how we click!

$100 savings versus Hourly! Try Me Form